12-Jan-2011 New Car? Used Car? Same Car?

We’ve had our Honda Jazz (Honda Fit is the USA model name) for almost eight years now and, after more than 133,000 miles, she’s showing some signs of wear and services seem to be getting more expensive as each year passes. So we’ve been thinking of buying a replacement either this year or next.

The newer version of the Jazz is too small to get our guitars in the back without the seats down… a real shame as our 2003 Jazz manages to fit three guitars and our two ukuleles all in their cases – it’s a snug fit, but that’s no problem. Maybe we should go for a different car?

We were tempted by a Citroen offer of £2,000 off a C3 Picasso, so went along to our local dealer with our guitars – no go, the car just isn’t wide enough. Bummer! So why not try the Berlingo MultiSpace? It passed the first test – room for four guitars and ukes in the back. But it failed the second test – back seats folded down, but not flat… and not as much floor space as we currently have in the Jazz – therefore not good for all guitars, plus ukes, plus Bose sound system, plus stands, mics, accessories, spares bag and a couple of small suitcases.

Then came a brainwave (or was it a brainstorm?) – keep our current Jazz and, if it becomes too costly, buy a used one (ie the same older model prior to upgrade that made the new Jazz unsuited to our needs)… OK, it won’t be a brand new car – but it means we won’t have to worry (at least for a few more years) about what car will meet our expectations and our budget! And the less we spend on a car the more there’s left for music/guitars etc…

Oh, but that might mean we’ll need a bigger car… hmmm… ooh, err.

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