12-Dec-2010 Christmas Is Coming

Almost half way through December… less than two weeks to Christmas Day!

The snow has abated somewhat, there’s been a big thaw (albeit temporary), and there’s more snow and ice to look forward to… will it be a white Christmas?

The tree is standing proud in the hall be-decked with a star, tinsel, fairy lights balls and baubles (purple, black – yes black – blue, silver, green, red). We’ve written the cards, addressed the envelopes, produced a printed brief (only two A4 sides) digest of 2010 for the lucky(?) recipients and will be heading off to the Post Office tomorrow with said cards plus some CDs, DVDs, songbooks etc to pop in the post on behalf of Allan Taylor and Anthony John Clarke. Timing will be somewhat tricky as we’re awaiting delivery of some items ordered online:

  • Wine
  • MIDI/USB converter cable
  • ClearTone instrument cables from Award Session for our ukes
    (we’ve got the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio pickups installed)
  • PC-Internal CDRW/DVDRW drive and associated power & data cables
  • … probably something else too but the memory is failing

Having decided to venture out to the shops on Saturday we were pleasantly surprised to find everything we were looking for was in stock (a first we think!). So we ploughed on and bought some things we’d been thinking about but which weren’t on the ‘must-get-today’ list.

Back at home we couldn’t resist unpacking Val’s new Bose Companion 3 Series 2 speaker set… wow, her PC has never sounded so good!

Weather permitting we’ve got three more care homes and a charity concert lined up before Christmas – and also some recording of local musician friends.

And then there’ll be the full annual roundup/lookback blog to post… so, no time for slacking… onwards and upwards.

And to cap it all, we got our first payments from PRS – date for the jiva diary!!!

One thought on “12-Dec-2010 Christmas Is Coming

  1. jivauk Post author

    Shipping Update:
    Wine has arrived 🙂
    MIDI/USB cable stuck in south west UK depot – has not moved for 5 days! 🙁
    No word on instrument cables
    CD/DVD drive order cancelled by seller (out of stock) 🙁
    … so quick dash to PC World, got a drive but no power cable in stock.


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