05-Nov-2010 Goodbye Sissy

There comes a time when children eventually leave home – and so, Sissy, our beautiful Taylor 855 12-string sister to Missy (also a Taylor 855 12-string) found her way to a new home.

It has been a day of mixed emotion:

  • sadness that Sissy has gone
  • relief that she has gone to a good home
  • commiseration that we now¬†have some cash to plough into our next musical extravagance (suggestions anyone?)

Chris Lapsa plans to put Sissy to immediate use on an album he’s doing, and promised to send us a recording of track(s) where his new-found 12-string features. We’ll look forward to that.

It was fitting that the occasion was marked with fireworks –¬†although no doubt some people will believe that the rockets, Roman candles, bangers, sparklers and Catherine wheels were laid on for some other 5th November celebration… how quaint.

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