31-Oct-2010 Music, music, music… 14 jiva performances, totalling 118 song sings

What a busy month October has been… music, music, music and other stuff too… 14 jiva performances, totalling 118 song sings:

  • Scheduled public gigs:
    • Comrades Club, Whitley Bay
    • Ingleton Folk Festival
    • Baa Club, Bellingham
    • Thank Folk It’s Friday, Woodhorn Colliery Museum
    • Lionheart Radio, studio guests on Dave Forshaw’s Folk Show
  • Local singers nights:
    • Cramlington Folk Club
    • Netherton Folk Club
    • Foresters Folk Club
  • Care homes:
    • Corbridge
    • Bedlington
    • Morpeth x2
    • Hexham
    • Whitley Bay

Listening outings were:

  • Cramlington Folk Club – Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby
  • Ashington Folk Club – Pete Scott with support from Mike Jessop and Peter Meek

We also spent some time recording and doing some initial mixes for:

  • John Jeffrey (recorded in the jiva Blue Room)
  • Jim Wigfield (recorded Samba drummers in Hexham) for his ‘Jim4Kidz’ project

Then there was web maintenance and development stuff for a couple of clients, some IT support work, Val doing a bit more temping, a relaxing dinner evening with friends, and believe it or not (drum roll please)…

Added a new song to the repertoire!

Well, nearly new… it’s a song we wrote back in 2007, but were never quite satisfied with the guitar arrangement – too nice by half. So, two weeks after taking delivery of our ukuleles ‘Folkie Lament‘ made it’s public debut. It’s been well received everywhere we’ve played it, and shows a side of jiva that few imagined.

We’re currently working on another song where you’ll hear the uke sound, but we’ll keep that under wraps during development.

Our own web presence has been growing too – we’re experimenting with ReverbNation, hoping that it might be the nearest thing we can find to a one stop shop where we can post things (status and shows etc) and have them synchronised to appear on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. We’re hoping that growing a fan base with ReverbNation will allow us to send relevant and informative emails to more friends more easily – so don’t delay, visit our profile page at www.reverbnation.com/jivauk … you can even join our mailing list while you’re there. We’re also working on a new jivacoustic WordPress site which will include blogs and newsy stuff… like the next addition to our performing repertoire, it’s still under development – but feel free to visit www.jivacoustic.co.uk, and be sure to take a peek at the ‘About jiva‘ page, and scroll to the bottom. We plan to port all our old blogs and news archives across to jivacoustic during the month of November and, thereafter, use it for blogging and happenings etc. Your comments and suggestions for our web projects would be most welcome… jivacoustic even hosts the Guestbook itself and also for this, our main website.

Phew! That’s probably enough for this month, don’tcha think ???

4 thoughts on “31-Oct-2010 Music, music, music… 14 jiva performances, totalling 118 song sings

  1. Jim Wigfield

    Working hard as always.The little secret weapon uke keep bringing out adds a new dimension to your repertoire.Dare I say even a fun element! Thanks for all your input and support this month / year / since first I met you both. Appreciated Jim

  2. jivauk Post author

    Hi Marilyn

    Thanks for that. Glad you enjoyed the Baa Club – we most certainly did… Watch out for the new song during the radio show!


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