31-Aug-2010 Cartoon capers

Cartoon capers make up for a musically quiet month. How come we’re always so tired even though we’ve not been overly busy? Only nine performances this month! We:

  • Performed at singers nights in the north east:
    • South Shields Folk Club
    • Candlelight Folk Club
    • Ashington Folk Club
    • Darlington Folk Club
  • Played at two care homes – one in Prudhoe (the town where we grew up)
  • Played at Havestock ‘Festival’
  • Played at the Angel Free Music Extravaganza
  • Played at a charity night of music at Croxdale
  • Went to Saltburn Folk Festival as invited guests and to judge the Songwriting competition… popped into (and out of) a few venues and shows, saw quite a few performances, but didn’t play ourselves – kinda strange being around so much music and not performing.

It’s been interesting, fun and fulfilling on other fronts too… August saw us celebrate Jimmy’s birthday (59, who would have thought it?), our 1st wedding anniversary, and Val’s birthday too! We also enjoyed some good company both here at our place and at friends’ too, managed to squeeze in a couple of table tennis sessions, do some CD artwork, web design stuff, and Val still got in a few days temping work as well.

We also did a lot of research and went shopping for… aaah, time will tell… you’ll just have to wait.

A great highlight for us was being the guinea pig cartoon subject of Fool’s Gold Steve – we’re really pleased about it and have already incorporated some of the unique humour into our song introduction for ‘Different Dreams’.

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