19-Feb-10 How cool is that

Imagine the scene… Friday night we’re both on our PCs in the study and at 23:10 the telephone rings – it’s Anthony John Clarke… He’s playing his gig at Leigh Folk Club and has rung us from the stage! He quickly says “listen to this I’m going to play your ‘One More Song’” and hands his mobile to his wife Julia to hold while he plays. 

Well, we were gobsmacked – how thoughtful and outrageously cool is that! We listened, openmouthed as he sang and as the audience swelled every ‘One more song to sing’. It was lovely and when he sang (his own words) ‘I’m standing here all alone’ the audience responded with  ‘Aaahh’ and he followed with “And Jimmy and Val who wrote this song, they’re listening on the telephone” we just couldn’t believe our ears.

And we got a text message from a friend asking “Did you hear me singing?”
A lovely lovely end to the day for us, grinning from ear to ear.

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Anthony John Clarke

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