26-Feb-2010 Anthony John Songbook Launch Concert – Liverpool

This was the first of two north west Anthony John Clarke Songbook Launch concerts where we were special guests. Anthony John had the full band with him: his son (Conor) on bass guitar, Steve on drums, Ray on acoustic guitars and Elizabeth on keyboards and exquisite harmonies.

We took the gear around to the venue (Fisher More Hall, Woolton Road, Liverpool) in the afternoon and, after Steve had set up his drums, we unpacked our Bose L1, plugged in the microphones, switched on, plugged in the guitars, sang and played… jiva sound check sorted! The we left the stage to Anthony John and band and sound technician to sort out their requirements.

We were back by 7:00 pm to check everything over one more time – as expected, all was well and we started our set at just gone 8:00 pm. There was a full house, the hall laid out on in concert style with the stage at one end and bar and tables at the other. We performed:

  • Back Home To You (Allan Taylor)
  • Some Way Home (jiva)
  • Best Friends (jiva)
  • Love At The Five And Dime (Nanci Griffith)
  • Two Old Friends (Chris Simpson)
  • Different Dreams (jiva)

Then there was a short break during which we moved our guitars and mic stands to the side, giving the band plenty of room.

It was a great night… Anthony John was on good form, easygoing and obviously at home with lots of friends and local acquaintances in the audience. At the end of the band’s second spot he invited us on stage to sing ‘One More Song’ with him – that was quite an experience, considering his arrangement is much slower and gentler than ours, and he sings it in a different key too! It was super! A night to be remembered.

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