11-Feb-10 MIND Active

It’s lovely to turn up and find everyone in their chairs ready and eagerly waiting for us to play. We were in the Reception area so there was a fair bit of movement from staff and visitors, but it didn’t detract from a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Men were greatly outnumbered by women so they had a bit of a challenge for the men versus women in ‘One More Song’ so we declared it a draw!

We played:

  • Back Home To You (Allan Taylor)
  • When (jiva)
  • Love At The Five And Dime (Nanci Griffith)
  • Louise (Paul Siebel)
  • Dream On (jiva)
  • Yorkshire Romance (CJ Rowe)
  • Passin Thru (Randy Scruggs and Johnny Cash)
  • Different Dreams (jiva)
  • Some Way Home (jiva)
  • One More Song (jiva)

After an hour’s performance we had a cup of tea and a chat with residents and staffand there were lots of positive comments and requests for us to come back soon. We left them a copy of our ‘Best Friends’ CD so they can practice the words and sing along even more at our next visit.

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