27-Jan-10 Acoustic Wednesday Beamish Mary

This is a new club – or rather an old club rising phoenix-like from the ashes. It was started anew at the beginning of the year by Steve (the Bass player with the trio Fool’s Gold) and this was our first visit under the new management. We have been to the Beamish Mary before when there was a club run by John Brindle and before that by Rita Mawson.

The separate music room has been ‘done up’ – the bar has been removed and a small stage built in the corner. It’s an acoustic set up (ie no instruments plugged in) though Steve has a PA and mikes up the instruments and voices which made for a very natural sound – the ambience being further supplemented with a basic lighting rig (very close and bright for the performers).

There was quite a good turn out with about a dozen performers, and it was good to catch up with Andy and Cath (Acoustica) who sang two songs new to us.

It was two each round the room which took us to 10:00 pm and then one each to get around again. Some people had gone home so the last act got to finish with two more songs and then Fool’s Gold rounded off the night with a song.

We sang

  • Love At The Five And Dime (Nanci Griffith)
  • Best Friends (jiva)
  • Different Dreams (jiva)

There were¬†varied styles and quite a few performers we had not seen before. It was a grand night – we’ll be back. Well done Steve!

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