07-Aug-09 USA Trip – Day 5

We checked out of the Casa relatively early to allow plenty of time to get to Orlando Airport, return the hire car and get ourselves checked in for the flights to San Diego. It’s just as well we did – even with a GPS sat nav system it’s not always easy to get to exactly where you need to be… and, typically, it wasn’t easy to find where to check in… and when we did, the self service boarding pass system wouldn’t work for us… so what had started as over an hour in reserve rapidly became no spare time at all!

Changing at Los Angeles was relatively easy and the small local/regional jet plane service was much smoother than we’d anticipated. We arrived at San Diego in good time, but couldn’t work out how to get to the National car rental bus stop – so having seen one flash by earlier we managed to flag down the second one and were soon whisked off to pick up our car (yes, after a fairly lengthy wait in a queue). Then we drove to La Jolla (pronounced ‘La Hoya’) where we’d be staying for seven nights – thank goodness for sat nav – it would have been a difficult drive had we been relying on maps and written instructions.

The La Jolla Bed and Breakfast was very different to the Casa Coquina (Florida)… but just as nice in a different sort of way, and they even laid on champagne to our room to welcome us. By the time we had checked in, unpacked and read our emails it was going on 10:00 pm. We walked through the streets to get the lie of the land and possibly have a snack… the place was heaving, lots of people young and old (but mostly young) in bars and grilles and restaurants and galleries and crowding the pavements… and so much noise and conversation… obviously a very happening, chic and trendy place to be.

Almost midnight local time, and we’ve been up for 20 hours… so time to sign off another day – see y’all tomorrow!

99 photos today.

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