28-Jan-09 Blyth Valley Community Hospital

Music Programme in Partnership with Cramlington Folk Club

Our friends and regular blog readers will know that we freely give of our time to play in local residential care homes through local charity MINDActive. Keith Taylor, organiser of Cramlington Folk Club, asked if we might be interested in taking part in an initiative in partnership with the club whereby we’d play in our local hospital. Naturally we said ‘Yes’.

Today was our first time at the hospital so we weren’t sure what to expect, but we were met by Helen Moore (Cultural Development Officer for Blyth Valley Borough Council) who guided us around the wards and introduced us to staff and patients.

Normally, Jimmy doesn’t get on well with hospitals – last time in a hospital we were visiting Jimmy’s brother, and Jimmy fainted! (For days afterwards he had a black eye and cuts and bruises from his fall.) But today was different, and we had an enjoyable time singing some of our more up-beat songs with Val playing Missy (12-string) and Jimmy playing Rio (6-string). We spent an hour and a half in the hospital playing in five different wards/bays and even at the door of a somewhat crowded day room where we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Marjorie. As we were playing only two or three songs in each location we cycled around the following songs:

  • Different Dreams (jiva)
  • Back Home To You (Allan Taylor)
  • One More Song (jiva)
  • Some Way Home (jiva)
  • Passin’ Thru (Johnny Cash & Randy Scruggs)

It was a new experience for us and there were positive comments from staff, patients and visitors enjoying live music around the wards. So this may become a regular feature in the jiva calendar.

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