16-Oct-2007 Baby Taylor Lucy

The latest addition to our family is a beautiful Baby Taylor, delivered direct from Sound Technology (Taylor UK importers). This was a free promotional gift for people who had recently bought a Taylor guitar from an authorised dealer. On 21 September 2007 we bought Jimmy’s Brazilian Rosewood 910CE from Guitar Guitar in Newcastle, registered the details and, sure enough, we received our package less than a month later.

What a little beauty – a real tomboy… travel size (approximately 34 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide), weighing in at approximately 3 pounds. The shorter scale length (just short of 23 inches) means that some chord shape stretches are easier to reach, and it’s such fun to play and experiment. The sound is still unmistakeably Taylor – great from such a small instrument.

So, it seems we’ve come full circle with Taylor guitars:

  • Our first was a Big Baby (we christened this one ‘Taylor’)
  • We then added the 25th Anniversary XXV-DR dreadnought (we called this one ‘Xavier’)
  • Next was the 810-L1 Brazilian Rosewood (‘Robert’) and the 855 12-string (‘Missy’)
  • Followed by an 810CE (‘the Chief’)
  • A second 855 12-string (‘Cissy’)
  • A 910CE (no name yet) and a 910CE-L7 Brazilian Rosewood (no name yet)
  • And now the Baby Taylor (‘Lucy’) – why Lucy? All may be revealed if we get a companion Baby Taylor…

We’re thoroughly enjoying our latest arrival, and can’t resist picking her up to play. It’s strange how different yet comfortably Taylor it feels, and how it sounds very much Taylor yet somehow different – sort of cute and chunky at the same time.

Will Baby Taylors feature in the live jiva act? Who knows? No electrics, so it would initially mean acoustic only or miked up. Watch this space…

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