13-Aug-2005 TAS condition worsens

It’s true… there is no hope – we reported earlier that jiva had been diagnosed as having TAS (Taylor Acquisition Syndrome)… see http://www.taylorguitars.com/ for more about this condition. And now, the bug is stronger than ever.

Remember in May we bought a Taylor 6-string for Jimmy?

  • XXV-DR: 25th Anniversary Limited edition dreadnought 6-string

Remember also in June we added 2 more Taylors, a 6-string for Val and a 12-string which we both play?

  • 810-L1: Limited Edition dreadnought 6-string
  • 855: jumbo 12-string

Well, as of August we have yet another Taylor guitar:

  • 810-CE: dreadnought cutaway 6-string

The plan was that this would be Jimmy’s, but Val really loves the new 810-CE, and has claimed it for herself! So Jimmy plays the 810-L1, Val plays the 810-CE, we both play the 855, and Jimmy plans to use the Yamaha FG580 for open tunings.

The Yamaha CPX-812 has been sold, so our acquaintance with the CPX series was short lived – they are lovely guitars but, for us, there is nothing better than Taylor for looks, construction, playability and sound. The 800 series, with rosewood back and sides, excel in all respects – so the 810-L1, 810-CE and 855 will be the mainstay of our performing and recording from now on.

Our long-established Yamaha FG580, Yamaha FG630 and Taylor Big Baby will stay with us for ever alongside Val’s first guitar (an Eko Ranger 6-string bought by Jimmy as an engagement present way back in 1971!).

See our Instruments page for further details.

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