10-Mar-2005 MIND Active promo CD completed

In association with MIND Active, jiva give a free monthly performance at care homes in our region.

We wrote the song ‘Chairs Around The Room’ as a direct result of these experiences. It is a poignant reflection on the little we know of the lives of elderly residents, their memories and the slow daily routine.

We gave MIND Active a copy of our ‘One More Song’ CD of self-penned material, wondering how ‘Chairs Around The Room’ would be received. Their Project Manager, Stephen Ward, had this to say:

We, at MIND Active, feel that the song delivers a poignant message regarding the challenges residents face on a daily basis and the need for our efforts to redress the problems associated with prolonged inactivity and boredom.

We believe this song cannot fail to reach the hearts of those that genuinely care.

Stephen commissioned jiva Design to produce a multi-media CD incorporating ‘Chairs Around The Room’. Its purpose is to help increase awareness of residential care and the work undertaken by MIND Active.

This has been a challenging and rewarding project. We are pleased to have been so heavily involved – it has taught us a lot about the subject as well as enhancing our technical design and production skills.

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