24-Dec-2003 jiva Design start new Ashington Folk Club website

Having agreed that jiva would front the first two Singers, Musicians and Poets nights of 2004 at Ashington Folk club, we looked at how we could publicise the club. We will be mentioning it everywhere we play, and leaflets will be distributed to local libraries, Tourist Information Centres, shops, schools, etc.

We also suggested that the folk club website should be overhauled and expanded to give more comprehensive information about the club, eg:

  • Diary of events
  • Who’s who
  • History of the club
  • Newsletter
  • Opt-in mailing list
  • Guestbook

On Christmas Eve jiva Design started work on a prototype site to get the ball rolling.

Merry Christmas, Ashington – let’s hope it’s a Happy New Year!

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